Modern Kitchen Remodel in Villanova, PA

Light is central to this dramatic kitchen remodel in Villanova – both as the light that enters and is amplified by the high-gloss surfaces and “light” as in a spare, linear design that integrates the thoroughly modern into this client’s traditional home with gratifying results.

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Project Highlights

This 350-square-foot design includes a wet bar, butler’s pantry and wine cellar, which houses the owner’s extensive vineyard selections. High-gloss graphite oak-foil cabinetry with full-access interiors, Caesarstone® Blizzard countertops, back-painted glass backsplashes and warmly glowing ¾-inch sanded-in-place oak flooring reflect the ample light from Anderson windows and newly installed pendant and ceiling fixtures.

The greatest challenge of this project was interpreting the client’s desire for a modern kitchen with specific features within the framework of the traditional architecture that shapes the rest of the home.

Renovation of the rear and main staircase railings provided a particularly challenging – but ultimately successful – task: Marrying the main stair rail’s new contemporary section with the original traditional design so it is visually seamless and aesthetically satisfying.

The Specs

Architect/Designer: Peter Cardamone
Location: Villanova, PA
Services: Interior Renovations & Remodeling
Completion Date: September 2013

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