Tri-County Eye Office Upgrade

Tri-County Eye Physicians & Surgeons had plans to renovate the office of its ophthalmology practice, giving the 1600-square-foot space a complete makeover for patient reception, waiting room and retail optical. The firm came to Ernst Brothers hoping to employ Ernst’s design-build process to resolve several project-disabling issues, chiefly a design-bid-build estimate 50 percent above the client’s budget and the need to complete the project quickly and without cost overruns.

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Project Highlights

Using the design-build project delivery method that Ernst has perfected, Ernst was able to save the client a significant amount of money and time, while delivering a finished product with added value because of the innate characteristics of the “one contact” design-build process and Ernst Brothers’ experience and responsiveness.

The Specs

Architect/Designer: Phase 2
Location: Southampton, PA
Services: Interior Renovations
Completion Date: March 2011

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