Newtown Kitchen Expansion in Newtown, PA

This busy Newtown family of four needed a larger, updated kitchen to serve as its base of operations, but the homeowners wanted to avoid expanding into living space or building an addition. Ernst Brothers devised a creative solution to yield a satisfying kitchen expansion.

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Project Highlights

Working within the home’s existing footprint, Ernst engaged in some resourceful thievery, robbing a mere two feet from adjoining garage.  The added square footage made all the difference, enabling Ernst to create a warm and welcoming hub for the family’s activities that is both efficient and spacious.

By enlarging the passage between the dining room and kitchen and installing a window in the new mudroom, the kitchen is now bathed in natural light.  Painted inset floor-to-ceiling perimeter cabinetry, anchored by the mahogany island and sanded-in-place oak flooring, creates an inviting transitional-style space.  Elegant Hudson Valley lighting in glass and polished nickel, Taj Mahal quartzite countertops and a mosaic backsplash tile enhance the clean lines and bright openness of the room.

Ernst also added a handsome mahogany floor-to-ceiling bar, a dramatic counterpoint to the kitchen’s island, in the passageway between the dining and kitchen areas.

The Specs

Architect/Designer: Ernst Brothers
Location: Newtown, PA
Services: Interior Renovation & Kitchen Expansion
Completion Date: June 2014

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