You may be familiar with the concept of “design-bid-build” even if the term isn’t part of your vocabulary.

Services-resizedYou may be familiar with the concept of “design-bid-build” even if the term isn’t part of your vocabulary. In design-bid-build, the owner of a residential or commercial project signs two contracts, one with the design team (architect) and one with the builder (contractor). The owner is then responsible for managing, to some degree, both teams – as well as refereeing between the two when one or the other (or the owner) makes a change in the project.

In contrast, “design-build” calls for a single contract for design and construction services between the owner and a design-build team. The owner, instead of acting as go-between for the architect and contractor, deals with one team of professionals and a single point of responsibility.

And as for “new” – think of your own home town and any of its 150-plus-year-old buildings. Many of them were probably built by the same capable fellas who came up with the design. Sure, you have your Christopher Wrens and Thomas Jeffersons who were true designers – and yes, visionaries. They oversaw the construction workers, whether peasants, slaves or true old-world craftsmen.

Industry research shows that today’s design-build projects deliver superior results in terms of costs and speed to completion. Here at Ernst Brothers, our experience echoes those findings.

We’ve found that the streamlined process of design-build yields greater coordination for time, materials and specialty contractors, fewer surprises, fewer change orders, better communication and understanding at every stage of construction – and less anxiety for our clients as well as for our design-build team.

When issues come up that require revisions – or if a client desires a change – we know what that means to materials acquisition, trade contractors, schedule and costs. We can explain it so everyone understands just how it impacts the project, and as a coordinated team we can minimize any negative effect.

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